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Maybe you wonder if what is ? is a digital wallet that Filipinos can use to make payments or buy bitcoin. With, you can do the following - even if you don’t have a bank account!

Pay Bills

With the app, you can skip the line and instantly pay your bills. We help you pay over 80 different types of bills all over the Philippines.

Some of the bills you can pay include:

    • Electricity Meralco, Cotobato Light, Davao Light, ILECO, and more

    • Water - Manila Water, Maynilad, Laguna Water, and more

    • Government services - SSS Contributions, PhilHealth Premium, NBI Clearance, NSO

    • Telco - Globe, PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, and more

    • Broadband - Globe, Smart, Sun, and more

    • Cable - Cignal, My Destiny, Sky Cable, and more

    • Credit card - BDO, BPI, Citibank, PNB, Unionbank, and more

    • Tuition fee - La Salle Greenhills, Miriam College, and more

Buy Load

Buying load is now easier and faster with You can buy load from Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, and TM in just a few taps. also lets you instantly subscribe to the following load promos:

    • Globe - GO UNLITXT 15, GoSURF 50, GO UNLI 25 and more

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    • Smart - All Text Plus 40, Giga Surf 50, Unli Call and Text 50, and more

    • TNT - Gaan Text 10, LahaTxt30, and more

    • Sun - Sun Xpressload Text Unli 60, Sun Xpressload Nonstop 50, and more

Send or Receive Money

Skip the bank queues and use to send money to friends and family! All you need is their email address, Facebook name, or bank account details.

Are you waiting to receive payments? You can also send a Payment Request to anyone, even if they don’t have a account.

Buy Game Credits

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Buy Bitcoin is the first virtual currency provider in the Philippines to be licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Using your wallet, you can easily convert your pesos into bitcoin.

Good Read: Php Design Patterns

Take time to read this link it explained the different types of design patterns

Strategy pattern is the best for me

Php OOP - Messages 101

This is just a sample I created for learning purposes base on jeffrey way video  sample

Its really much the same with the video but I just wanted to write it down by me self so that I will understand the flow and how it works

Php OOP Messages 101

class Person 

protected $name;

public function __construct($name)

$this->name = $name;

class Business

  protected $staff;

  public function __construct(Staff $staff)

  $this->staff = $staff;


  public function hire(Person $person)



  public function getStaffMembers()

  return $this->staff->members();


class Staff 

protected $members = [];

public function __construct($member = [])

$this->members[] = $member;

public function add(Person $person)

$this->members[] = $person;

public function members()

return $this->members;

$staff = new Staff(['John Owner']);
$jollibee = new Business($staff);

$yolan = new Person('Yolan');
$apol = new Person('Apol');
$chololoy = new Person('Chololoy');

$jollibee ->hire($yolan);
$jollibee ->hire($apol);
$jollibee ->hire($chololoy);


Php Naming classes, methods, functions and variables

Which one will you use ? :)

Good Read: Writing Clean Code

Three simple practices to help write clean code and improve the readability of a codebase.

w3schools Jquery mobile complete guide

This is a complete guide in w3schools for jquery mobile is very useful

check it here

jQuery Mobile Cordova Tutorial

This is also a very nice videos to follow

If you working cordova + jQuery mobile

video 1

video 2

video 3

ThemeRoller JQuery

I found this JQuery Mobile ThemRoller very useful

You can try it.

I'm trying this for my cordova app template

JQuery Mobile for Cordova and Other hybrid framework


This is a helpful guide from a guy in YouTube who created steps by step using JQuery Mobile. Thumbs up!! :)

jQuery Mobile Lesson 1 - Setting up pages
jQuery Mobile Lesson 2 - Linking pages
jQuery Mobile Lesson 3 - Data Transitions
jQuery Mobile Lesson 5 - Navigation, icons and collapsibles

Cordova Running first App Yay!

See Cordova app is running successfully

If all installation is successful

Open first or run the emulator

cordova emulate android

Then build your cordova project
cordova build android

or build all platforms
cordova build

then lastly run you app
cordova run android

You can use android studio in development or you can use phpstorm

Me I used both :)

Create Cordova Project and run it using Android Studio

This is a simple steps which you can create and run cordova project using android studio.

Also be able to upload to google play.

Helpful video see below

Cordova Error: 'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command

When casting in the command

cordova emulate androind

Error shows below
'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

check the path of SDK if its correct

usually C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Android\sdk

but in my case it was changed to C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Android\sdk1  - not sure why.

Also better if you rechecks all installations see below link:


Other solutions

Cordova Error: command failed with exit code ENOENT browser or Android

If you are using Windows 7 etc.

When adding a platform for example browser, I've got this error

$ cordova platform add browser
Adding browser project...
Running command: cmd "/s /c "C:\Users\UserName\.cordova\lib\npm_cache\cordova-browser\4.1.0\package\bin\create.bat D:\localhost\cordova\testing\platforms\browser io.cordova.hellocordova HelloCordova""
Error: cmd: Command failed with exit code ENOENT

The error occur when the C:\Windows\System32 is missing in the environment variable.

So in my case for some reason the C:\Windows\System32 is removed, so I need to put it back in the environment variable



Once added close your cmd and run it again.

That should be fine!

Road to cordova - Windows 7 Installation

Follow these steps to install Cordova:

  1. Install Node.js. Cordova runs on the Node.js platform, which needs to be installed as the first step. Download installer from:

  2. Go ahead an run the downloaded installation file. It is recommended to use the default settings. Node.js needs to be added to the PATH environment variable, which is done by default.

  3. To test the installation, open a command window (make sure you open a new command window to get the updated path settings made by the Node.js installation), and type:

  1. node --version

  1. Install Git. Git is a version control system, which is used by Cordova behind-the-scenes. Download and install from: Default settings are recommended.

  2. Install Cordova. Cordova is installed using the Node Package Manager (npm). Type the following in the command window to install:
    npm install -g cordova

  3. Test the Cordova install by typing:
    cordova --version

    If you see the version number, you have successfully installed Apache Cordova!


Install Java

The Android SDK needs the Java Development Kit (JDK) to be installed, version 1.7 or later. Note that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is not sufficient, you will need the JDK. To check if you have the JDK installed already, type this on the command line:
javac -version

If you do not have the JDK installed, proceed as follows:
  1. Download the recent version of Java SE JDK (SE = Standard Edition) from Oracle: Click the Java SE Download to see the list of downloads. Get the "Windows x86" download if you have 32-bit Windows, and "Windows x64" if you have 64-bit Windows. If you do not know which version you have, find out using the Control Panel by selecting "System and Security" and then "System", where you will find the "System type" saying if your Windows version is 32-bit or 64-bit.

  2. Go along and run the downloaded installer file. Using the default selections should be fine, but take a note of the directory in which you install the JDK. You will need to add this to the PATH in a later step below.

  3. Next, update your path to include the JDK. Open the Control Panel, click System and Security, click System, click Change settings, which will open the System Properties window. Select the Advanced tab, then click the Environment Variables button.

  4. In the list User variables select PATH and click the Edit button. (If there is no PATH entry in the list, click the New button to create one.)

  5. At the end of the field Variable value, add a semicolon followed by the path to the bin directory of the JDK install. Here is an example (note that this must be the actual path used for the install on your machine):
    ;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_11\bin

    An easy way to do this is to prepare the path to add in a text editor, then paste it at the end of the input field. When done click the OK button.

  6. Next add the JAVA_HOME variable if it is not present (and if it is in the list, you may need to update its value using the Edit button). Click the New button. In the field Variable name type:

    In the field Variable value enter the path to the directory where the JDK is installed, without the semicolon and the /bin subdirectory, for example:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_11

    Click the OK button.

  7. Click the OK button again to close the Environment Variables window.

  8. Now you are ready to test the install. Close any open command windows, and open a new command window and type:
    javac -version

    If you see a version number you are done with the JDK install!


Install the Android Tools

To install the tools needed to build Android app using Cordova you need the Android SDK Tools. The easiesy way to install these tools is to install Android Studio. Optionally you can install the command line tools only. Follow these steps to install Android Studio:
  1. Go to the Android Studio download page and download and install Android Studio for your platform. (If you would wish to go for only the SDK Tools, you can find download links to the command line tools at the end of the Android Studio download page.)

  2. Find the path of the Android SDK tools by consulting the sdkmanager documentation page. Check in your system that the files are actually there.

  3. Add the path of the SDK Tools (directories tools and platform-tools to the system PATH variable. Open the Control Panel, click System and Security, click System, click Change settings, click the Advanced tab, then click the Environment Variables button.

  4. In the list User variables select PATH and click the Edit button.

  5. At the end of the field Variable value, add a semicolon followed by the path to the tools and platform-tools directores of the Android SDK install. Here is an example of what to add (note that there are two paths in one line, separated by a semicolon):

  6. ;C:\Users\miki\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\tools

  7. ;C:\Users\miki\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

  8. You can prepare the path in a text editor, copy it and paste at the end of the input field. Click the OK button when done.Please note that the exact path may differ in the latest download of the Android Studio/SDK. Consult the Android documentation page for the sdkmanager for further information.

  9. Next add the ANDROID_HOME environment variable in system settings in the same way that the JAVA_HOME variable was added above when installing Java. Set ANDROID_HOME to point to the root of the Android SDK folder, for example:

  10. Click the OK button again to close the Environment Variables window.

  11. Now test the install. Close any open command windows, open a new command window and type:
    adb version

    This should display the version of the Android Debug Bridge.

  12. As the final step, you may need to get the specific Android SDK version used by Cordova. This can be done using the sdkmanager command or by using the tools in Android Studio.


Create bootable USB drives the easy way

I found this useful tool to create bootable USB drive.

Its called Rofus.

Download link


Official Website

JS Mustache IF/Else

This how you set if/else in JS Mustache


//If the lists is not empty


//not empty


//Else if lists is empty




 $.get('test_template.mustache', function(template) 
var rendered = Mustache.render(template, lists: data);

More documentation here about JS Mustache

JQuery oop blueprint basic

While working on JQuery Class I realize I need to document this code blueprint for the future purposes, just in case I'm lost :)


var TestClass = function($) 
'use strict';

var self = this;

//method that is bind with (self / this) is callable outside the class
self.test = function()
      console.log("This is a test");

//another public method to bind all events, click, change etc..
self.bindAll = function()


//private method
var privateTest = function()



Instantiate the class then call the method test
var TestClassObj = new TestClass($);

Feel free to comment below and correct me if wrong or miss something. Thanks :)

Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog. This is my first post.  :)


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