Monday, February 14, 2011

Student Information program using vb6.0

Student Information program using vb6.0 which compose of the following functions.

1. Add or Append
2. Update
3. Delete
4. Seacrch
5. Displaying Data
6. Reports
7. Displaying record to MSFlexGrid.
8. Displaying record to Listview.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Basic Data Manipulation using VB 6.0

Hello everyone! :D

This is a very simple program which i created for my students in DBMS (Database Management System), this application allows the user to add, search and display data using MS Access if you noticed that there's no delete and edit, well i never put a function yet, because i want that to be finished by my pretty and handsome students in DBMS. hehehehehe Enjoyed to download this application maybe later i'll just update this one if they are done working the edit and delete.

Oppsss i forgot, i mean including the report too.... :D

Heres the link below.


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