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Maybe you wonder if what is ? is a digital wallet that Filipinos can use to make payments or buy bitcoin. With, you can do the following - even if you don’t have a bank account!

Pay Bills

With the app, you can skip the line and instantly pay your bills. We help you pay over 80 different types of bills all over the Philippines.

Some of the bills you can pay include:

    • Electricity Meralco, Cotobato Light, Davao Light, ILECO, and more

    • Water - Manila Water, Maynilad, Laguna Water, and more

    • Government services - SSS Contributions, PhilHealth Premium, NBI Clearance, NSO

    • Telco - Globe, PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, and more

    • Broadband - Globe, Smart, Sun, and more

    • Cable - Cignal, My Destiny, Sky Cable, and more

    • Credit card - BDO, BPI, Citibank, PNB, Unionbank, and more

    • Tuition fee - La Salle Greenhills, Miriam College, and more

Buy Load

Buying load is now easier and faster with You can buy load from Globe, Smart, Sun, TNT, and TM in just a few taps. also lets you instantly subscribe to the following load promos:

    • Globe - GO UNLITXT 15, GoSURF 50, GO UNLI 25 and more

    • TM - Touch Mobile Astig Txt 20, TM CALL & ALL NET TXT 15, and more

    • Smart - All Text Plus 40, Giga Surf 50, Unli Call and Text 50, and more

    • TNT - Gaan Text 10, LahaTxt30, and more

    • Sun - Sun Xpressload Text Unli 60, Sun Xpressload Nonstop 50, and more

Send or Receive Money

Skip the bank queues and use to send money to friends and family! All you need is their email address, Facebook name, or bank account details.

Are you waiting to receive payments? You can also send a Payment Request to anyone, even if they don’t have a account.

Buy Game Credits

Power up and raid until dawn without ever running out of game credits! With your account, you can easily buy any of the following game credits:
  • Gift Cards

  • Cherry Credits

  • Garena Shells

  • zGold-MOLPoints

  • Steam Wallet credits

  • EX Cash

  • Game Club

  • Level Up!

Buy Bitcoin is the first virtual currency provider in the Philippines to be licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Using your wallet, you can easily convert your pesos into bitcoin.

Good Read: Php Design Patterns

Take time to read this link it explained the different types of design patterns

Strategy pattern is the best for me

Php OOP - Messages 101

This is just a sample I created for learning purposes base on jeffrey way video  sample

Its really much the same with the video but I just wanted to write it down by me self so that I will understand the flow and how it works

Php OOP Messages 101

class Person 

protected $name;

public function __construct($name)

$this->name = $name;

class Business

  protected $staff;

  public function __construct(Staff $staff)

  $this->staff = $staff;


  public function hire(Person $person)



  public function getStaffMembers()

  return $this->staff->members();


class Staff 

protected $members = [];

public function __construct($member = [])

$this->members[] = $member;

public function add(Person $person)

$this->members[] = $person;

public function members()

return $this->members;

$staff = new Staff(['John Owner']);
$jollibee = new Business($staff);

$yolan = new Person('Yolan');
$apol = new Person('Apol');
$chololoy = new Person('Chololoy');

$jollibee ->hire($yolan);
$jollibee ->hire($apol);
$jollibee ->hire($chololoy);


Php Naming classes, methods, functions and variables

Which one will you use ? :)

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