Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Php OOP - Messages 101

This is just a sample I created for learning purposes base on jeffrey way video  sample

Its really much the same with the video but I just wanted to write it down by me self so that I will understand the flow and how it works

Php OOP Messages 101

class Person 

protected $name;

public function __construct($name)

$this->name = $name;

class Business

  protected $staff;

  public function __construct(Staff $staff)

  $this->staff = $staff;


  public function hire(Person $person)



  public function getStaffMembers()

  return $this->staff->members();


class Staff 

protected $members = [];

public function __construct($member = [])

$this->members[] = $member;

public function add(Person $person)

$this->members[] = $person;

public function members()

return $this->members;

$staff = new Staff(['John Owner']);
$jollibee = new Business($staff);

$yolan = new Person('Yolan');
$apol = new Person('Apol');
$chololoy = new Person('Chololoy');

$jollibee ->hire($yolan);
$jollibee ->hire($apol);
$jollibee ->hire($chololoy);


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