Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Complete grading system or Class Record using microsoft excel.

COMPLETE Grading System using Microsoft Excel 2003 it will automatic get the grade of the attendance depending of the percentage of the attendance together the quizzes, seat work and EXAMS and will automatic ADD the
PRELIM, MIDTERM, PRE-FINAL AND FINAL EXAMS And AVERAGE and will result the subject grade of the student and it will give automatic remarks if the student passed or fail in prelim, midterm, pre-final and final in his subject..

You can download my example below.

Download File


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  2. thank you i have to explore this format

  3. do you grading system or grade sheet using PHP not a accel??

  4. Actually i can do that. Grading System using PHP with mySQL. :D

  5. Midterm Exercise # 3 using Do While Loop:
    please help me to do this program,,,

    Trisha is a teacher at SPCF and having a hard time in computing for her 3 students in getting their average grade. Let's help Trisha to generate a program in java that will calculate the average grade of each students and determine the average grade for the 3 students.

    Sample Output:
    Enter Name: Chester
    Average Grade of Chester is 82.33

    Enter Name: Neo
    Avreage Grade of Neo is 83.33

    Enter Name: Patricia
    Avreage Grade of Chester is 86.0

    The average grade of the 3 students is 83.89

    Note: DO..WHILE statement should be use for looping the statement.

  6. someone can help me to calculate the first semester grade using php/mysql? cause i dont know how to implement those codes, i try but it gave me WARNING! message., please?..please send me the simple code on this email iclavius89@yahoo.com,..

  7. hello po thank u sa pag upload nito nakakatulong talaga sa mga kaka-start lang mag excel na mga guro.

    question po, pano po i-hide yung mga ibang columns like sa attendance pero may parang (+) sign sa taas so when u click it biglang mag-open yung mga naka hide na columns?

  8. pa help naman sa thesis recording system gamit ung vb

  9. Ahmm ... Saang school galing itong example na to/ Kailangan po kasi namin yung school name para sa documentation... thanks!

  10. pa help naman po gumawa ng stand alone class record system gamit and vb.net at access

    highly appreciated ko po makatutulong...

    beep me po sa want
    maraming maraming salamat po...

  11. paps ung grading system na excel with vb pa help sna newbie lng po onlynicx21@gmail.com

    thanks in advance ung simple lng nman po

  12. help naman po gumawa ng grading system,

  13. excel is very elementary. To make a grading system in excel one must go back to Grade One!!! hahahaha



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